Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

Basement foundation and structure

Basement and Foundation

Inspection includes the type of foundation and any indications of active or previous water penetration. Observed indications of possible foundation movement, such as sheetrock cracks, brick cracks, out of square door frames, and unlevel floors.  Inspection of the sump pump, floor drains and other water drainage or water storage systems will be done.

Crawlspace & Structure

The structural portion of a home inspection is perhaps the single most important part.  A house's structural integrity is often the issue of the greatest interest to home-buying clients.  If the home is structurally unsound, not much else matters. This is why it's critical for the inspector to be competent in his ability to observe and report on what he sees during the structural portion of a home inspection. Inspection will report on the location of the access to the under-floor space. Any observed indications of wood in contact with or near soil and any observed signs of moisture and proper ventilation, as well as observed cutting, notching and boring of framing members that may, in the inspector's opinion, present a structural or safety concern. 

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